AFCPE Awards: You Asked. We Answered

Q: I’m considering applying for an award. Where can I find examples of past winners to decide which award is best for me?

A: You can find award winners from the past several years on the AFCPE website. Click “Learn More” under each Award to find descriptions of past award winners. Reviewing past winners can help you identify which award might best fit the work of you or your organization.

Q: What if I don’t see an award that “fits” my work?

A: If you don’t see your work represented by past winners, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply! The world of personal finance is ever evolving – and that means our award winners are too! You don’t have to educate consumers or design your program in the same way as past winners. Determine how your work meets the award criteria and use the application to convince the reviewers why you are most deserving!

One example is the Outstanding Financial Counseling and/or Planning Center Award. Over the past few years, several outstanding Student Money Management Centers have won this award, and we hope more centers like this will apply! However, nonprofit organizations, cooperative extension, and even independently-owned organizations might be doing great work as a financial counseling center. We encourage all types of centers to apply!

Q: I’m nervous about applying for an AFCPE Award. What if I don’t win?

A: Similar to training for a marathon, the real joy comes in the journey. Winning is just icing on the cake! Applying for an award provides value to you, win or lose. It provides you with:

  • The opportunity for outside feedback
  • A way to demonstrate your effectiveness/impact
  • Enhances your reputation (we love to spotlight our members, and applying for an award brings your work to the forefront)
  • Assists with funding opportunities
  • Provides professional aspiration
  • Allows for self-reflection, which can increase self-esteem and job satisfaction

Q: If I submitted last year, can I resubmit this year for the same award?

A: Yes, even if you did not win in a previous year, you could apply again! The applicant pool is different each year, and chances are, you have more to share after another year of great work.

Q: How many documents can I upload in my application?

A: The awards application system only allows you to upload supporting documentation. You can only upload one file, and it cannot exceed 10 pages. Applications with documentation exceeding 10 pages will NOT be accepted.

Q: If I start my application, can I save my work and come back to it later?

A: Yes, you can. You can access and edit your application in the Apply platform at any time prior to submission.

Q: Is there a word limit on my application responses?

A: Yes, each question has a 500-word limit. This does not mean that you must meet the word limit. Remember, quality over quantity. We suggest typing up your answers in a separate document, and then pasting them into the application when you are ready to submit. The application does not allow you to do a final review before hitting submit, so it is best to do so in a separate document. Also, ask a friend or colleague to proofread your responses. It never hurts to get another person’s perspective, even if they just catch grammatical errors!

Q: Can I edit my application once it’s been submitted?

A: Technically, no. However, if you find an error ahead of the July 15, 2024 submission deadline, please reach out to so we can help troubleshoot any issues you have with your submission.

Q: What’s the timeline to nominate and/or apply for an award?

A: The 2024 application period runs from June 3 – July 15. All applicants will be notified of the results by September 6. Winners will be honored at the AFCPE Symposium in November.

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