Job Location: Remote
Experience Hour Opportunity: Pre-Approved Experience Hour Opportunity

The Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning is available to AFCPE members through their membership page at AFC® Candidates can earn experience hours by reading articles and successfully completing journal quizzes.

If you are a member, click on the membership tab at the top of your profile. From your membership page, you can select “Journal Quizzes” and can access digital copies of the JFCP by clicking “Research Journal.” Be sure there is a quiz associated with the journal you have selected before reading. Once completed, a copy of your score will be emailed to you.


  • A maximum of 2 experience hours will be awarded per JFCP quiz
  • Experience hours for journal quizzes fall under the ‘Training’ category. Candidates can earn up to 10% of their hours in this category. If you have already earned 10% of your hours under this category, you will not be eligible to earn additional hours by taking journal quizzes.

Required Documentation:

  • Copy of passing score from JFCP quiz submitted through your candidate portal
  • Candidate must be an AFCPE member

AFCPE reserves the right to request additional documentation for any experience hour request.

Please contact with questions!

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