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Job Category: Volunteer
Job Location: Remote
Experience Hour Opportunity: Pre-Approved Experience Hour Opportunity

3rd Decade relies on network of volunteer Financial Mentors to help support Participants as they navigate decisions around their financial futures. Participants complete 10 hours of financial education to prepare them to meet with Financial Mentors. Mentoring is based on the premise that a Participant is resourceful, yet may need assistance in finding creative solutions and support to advance their financial choices.

Financial Mentors work with each Participant to help them take charge of their financial situation by understanding their own behavior(s) and adjusting those behaviors to fit their goals. Financial mentoring is designed to develop a Participant’s capability to manage their own finances and sustain economic security in accordance with their self-defined goals. It is also designed to build confidence in the financial industry through conflict-free fiduciary standards. The Financial Mentor meets with the Participant three times over 24 months to help set goals, monitor progress, and educate towards empowerment.

This ongoing, remote position offers the opportunity to partner with Participants each quarter. Volunteers have the opportunity to serve in one or up to all four quarters.

  • Q1 meetings occur March, April, May
  • Q2 meetings occur June, July, August
  • Q3 meetings occur Sept, Oct, Nov
  • Q4 meetings occur Dec, Jan, Feb



Financial Mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Attend and successfully complete 3rd Decade® Financial Mentor Training with encouragement to participate in relevant professional development provided throughout service commitment.
  • Complete post-training surveys to confirm comprehension and understanding of 3rd Decade’s core values, philosophy, policies, and procedures.
  • Abide by all 3rd Decade curricula and avoid giving any advice outside the core philosophies.
  • Maintain a high level of empathy and respect for Participant’s individual financial circumstances.
  • Strive to support a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 Participant Households annually through meetings, documentation, and communication outlined in 3rd Decade’s procedures.
  • Utilize 3rd Decade’s Mentor-linked Acuity Calendar to schedule all meetings with Participants.
  • Exclusively use technology platforms identified by 3rd Decade for meetings, documentation, and communication. 8) Abide by document storage and communication standards and policies.
  • Commit to safe and confidential storage of Participant information as outlined in training.
  • Act in the best interest of 3rd Decade and Participants.
  • Under no circumstance solicit a Participant to become a client.
  • Under no circumstance directly manage the Participant’s money.
  • Stay informed and serve as an advocate for the mission of 3rd Decade.
  • Adhere to 3rd Decade’s financial philosophy and procedures
  •  Successfully complete a 3rd Decade financial knowledge assessment, if lacking financial certification/designation
  • Complete 3rd Decade Financial Mentor Training


Time Commitment/Availability

Financial Mentors monitor the Participant’s progress over three one-to-one meetings held in Zoom and provide feedback as needed to help them stay on track. Financial Mentors can set their availability, traditional work hours (M-F 9-5) and non-traditional work hours (evenings, weekends) are acceptable. Specifically, support takes place through:

  • Discovery Meeting (2 hours) – held after Participant has completed the 3rd Decade course curriculum
    • Designed to review current budget and discuss future financial goals.
  • Progress Meeting (1 hour) – held 1 year after Discovery Meeting
    • Designed to check in on progress made towards financial goals.
  • Final Progress Meeting (1 hour) – held 2 years after Discovery Meeting
    • Designed to ensure they are set up for success beyond 3rd Decade’s support.
  • Time to prepare before and after meetings with note-taking documentation preparation (1-2 hours)
  • Occasional email or phone support at Participant’s request (1 hour)


Time Commitment:

    • 6 hours of self-paced training
    • 24 months commitment to Participant from each quarter start
    • Choose to serve 1-4 quarters
    • 5-7 hours per Household over 24 months
      • (i.e. 1 Household = 5-7 hours over 24 months. 5 Households – 25-35 hours over 24 months.)
    • Choose to partner with 1-5 Households per Quarter

Required Qualifications

Financial Mentors must possess, first and foremost, a desire to serve the young people in this program, and have knowledge about

  • financial planning and goal setting
  • budgeting
  • debt and money management
  • risk assessment (insurance coverage)
  • tax rates
  • retirement planning and investing
  • estate planning
  • as well as skills in active listening and motivational interviewing (or be willing to develop)

Financial Mentors must also have:

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
    • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills


Preferred Qualifications

Strong preference is given to:

  • those already in the financial management or related fields
  • holds or enrolled in financial certification program: Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC), Certified Financial Planner® (CFP)
  • completed Series 65 or similar designation


How to Apply

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