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August 13, 2019
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


General, Personal Finance, Financial Counseling
Open to all Professionals
CEUs / Credits
This is a Live CEU program.
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August 13, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT



Financial counselors frequently observe relationships between health and personal finances in their work with clients. Examples include money spent on smoking that cannot be saved, the financial impact of an accident or illness, and decisions that people make with respect to health insurance. This webinar will discuss a variety of associations between health and finances and health and financial practices.

The webinar will begin with a Wellness Wheel activity and group discussion questions about health and personal finance relationships. Next, Dr. Gutter will discuss research about cancer and personal finances. Dr. O’Neill will conclude the webinar with a discussion of the findings and implications of six studies of associations between various health and financial practices.

Dr. Michael Gutter is the Associate Dean for Extension – State Program Leader for 4-H Youth Development, Families and Communities for the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida. His BS is in Family Financial Management and his PhD is in Family Resource Management from The Ohio State University with a specialization in Finance. Gutter’s research focuses on examining how socioeconomic status, financial education, personal psychology, and financial socialization are related to financial behaviors. His outreach focuses on improving financial behaviors by increasing knowledge, skills, and access to services.

Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D. Financial Resource Management Specialist for Rutgers Cooperative Extension, has been a professor, financial educator, and author for 35 years. She has written over 1,500 consumer newspaper articles and over 125 articles for academic journals, conference proceedings, and other professional publications.

1.5 CEUs for AFCs.

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