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November 14, 2018
8:30 am - 11:30 am


CEUs / Credits
This is a Live CEU program.
AFCPE Annual Symposium/Pre-Conference
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November 14, 2018 @ 8:30 am - 11:30 am EST

3 CEUs for AFCPE certified professionals. 

Session Details:

While the needs of financial literacy/wellness programs vary depending on the stage a program is in, there are specific topics that are becoming more integral to function a successful program. As part of this pre-symposium, you will be broken into 4 groups and will rotate through 4 different sessions. Each session provides you with a deeper dive into content that is important to the success of your financial literacy/wellness program.

Topics include:

  1. Emergency Aid/Wrap Around Support: With the recent issues regarding the uncertainty of DACA students, the hurricanes in the southern portion of the United States, food insecurity and homelessness, and other developments effecting students it is important that universities have systems in place to support students emotionally and financially.  This portion of the program will focus on what universities are currently doing to help students and will also allow for discussion as to what we can do to better serve our students as they go through similar issues in the future.
  2. Aligning Goals with Partners/Gaining Institutional Buy-in: Often, the implementation of a financial wellness program is a bottom-up process where faculty/staff are trying to convince administration to help support a program.  This is usually a very difficult process…so what can these faculty/staff members do to better convince their institution to support the creation of a program? This portion of the program will allow new programs to interact with established programs to determine what kinds of information would be most valuable to present to administration to help gain support for the creation of a program or for additional resources.
  3. Climate of the Field: The topic of financial wellness in higher education has gained increasing attention for almost a decade.  So where are we?  Are we making progress or running on a treadmill?  What can we do to better enhance our programs and what do we want to accomplish as a community?  This portion of the session will allow for discussion with some of the leaders in the field and will hopefully lead to the shaping of financial wellness in higher education moving forward.
  4. Attendee Choice: While we believe these three topics above are important to address, we want to leave it to our attendees to determine what the final session should focus on.  Anyone who registers for the session will be given access to a list of potential 4th topics and can vote on their favorite.  The top choice will be selected as the 4th breakout topic.

Breakfast will be served.

*Options to register for a Pre Symposium Training can also be found within each Symposium registration form.