AFCC® trains professionals to guide clients through a holistic counselling framework of life cycle financial education. 

AFCPE® and Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services (OACCS) have partnered to develop a program that has been carefully designed and customized with Canadian components in the study curriculum. Having your AFCC® designation will enhance your credibility and your level of professionalism with the public, creditors, funders, government and other stakeholders. In addition, it will showcase your strong qualifications in the industry.

All registration is completed through OACCS. Specific questions regarding this certification should be addressed to their office.



Yes, we have a number of counsellors working in the not for profit sector as well as private practitioners who hold the AFCC designation. OACCS is part of our national association, CACCS, so it’s not restrictive to Ontario.

The course content is equivalent to approximately 45 hours of study for each of the two components.

Yes, all exams are taken through a local University/College with a proctor of your choice. You will provide the contact information for your selected proctor when you submit your exam request form.

Yes, 30 continuing education units are required every 2 years along with payment of the annual certification fee.

Yes, a minimum of 1000 hours of experience in any area of Personal Finance is required. Experience may be obtained in conjunction with exam preparation or following successful completion of the exams, as long as all requirements are completed within the designated time frame of the program. You may also include relevant experience obtained up to 2 years before registering for the program.

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