Episode 77:

Pursuing Big Goals with Olympic Athlete & Financial Coach, Keturah Orji

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“Don’t let fear and hesitation hold you back.” 

This week’s guest is two-time Olympian and financial coach, Keturah Orji (“K.O.”). Keturah is a decorated Track and Field athlete, who is balancing the pursuit of her athletic dreams with studying for the AFC and building a financial coaching practice. 

Keturah is as authentic as she is driven. We talk about why she became a financial coach, what led her to the AFC, and how she finds balance. She shares advice for other AFC candidates and entrepreneurs. And we get to learn about her big 3 philosophy, the starting point she gives all of her clients, no matter where they are in their financial journey. 

If you have big goals, or are balancing multiple priorities (aren’t we all?), then this episode is for you.

Show Notes:

2:00 What led Keturah to pursue financial planning
3:52 Balancing athletic and career aspirations
7:59 Balancing training, work, and life
8:55 Training for the 2024 Olympics
11:01 How traveling has helped influence her teachings
11:58 “KO’s Big Three”
13:17 Some of Keturah’s challenges
15:39 Applying her athletic lessons to finance
17:10 Tips for those also trying to reach goals
19:52 Keturah’s final two cents

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