As I make my first attempt at a blog, the Dow has reached a 6 year low.  What does that mean for those of us in AFCPE?  What can we do?  Is this a “teachable” moment?  And if it is, how and when do we approach the topic and those looking for help?


I would like to say I have the answers, but I don’t.  Perhaps though, we in AFCPE might be able to help get people back on the right track.  I know that in every issue of our newsletter and our journal my knowledge increases.  Plus at every conference I add more tools to my toolkit.  But getting an audience to listen and then getting long-term behavioral change is a challenge. The economic picture we now face is nothing new; maybe somewhat larger but maybe not.  How do we, as individuals and communities, come out the other side stronger and more capable of being in control of our financial situation?


I am a social entrepreneur looking for AFCPE to seize this opportunity.  But how do we get it done?


– Glenn Muske

March 09, 2009

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