The 1992 Survey of Consumer Finances consists of five complete data sets because missing data are multiply imputed. The incidence of missing data in the 1992 SCF is addressed and illustrates the difficulty of obtaining financial information from individuals. The value of using all five data sets and the risk of using only a single data set in empirical research are explained. Estimates derived separately from each data set are compared to results using all five data sets to illustrate the extra variability in the data due to imputation. Researchers are encouraged to use information from all five data sets in order to make valid inferences. Key Words: inference, missing data, multiple imputation, repeated-imputation inference (RII), Survey of Consumer Finances

Note also the following items were originally linked to on the old AFCPE web page – these SAS files have updated permanent URLs.

Sung, J. & Montalto, C. P. (1996, November). SAS code for RII scalar estimation

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