Meet Mia Russell of Wells Fargo

Welcome to the 2020 Sponsor Spotlight series! As we prepare for #AFCPE2020, November 16-20, 2020, we are excited to introduce you to our Sponsors, and more specifically, to the incredible people who work for these organizations. Learn more about the organizations and the people you’ll meet in the virtual Exhibit Hall this November.

Mia B. Russell is the Vice President of Hands on Banking® at Wells Fargo. She’s a financial educator with responsibility for the content strategy and outcome measurement of their free, noncommercial and engaging financial education program. The Hands on Banking program offers a wide variety of resources and tools for youth and adults as well as curricula, lesson plans and other resources for K-12 and community educators.

AFCPE: What inspired you to pursue this career, or what was your journey like to get to this career?

Mia: During college, I had an internship helping limited income individuals and families create spending plans. And, then my first position after college was as a Credit Counselor for a bank. These early experiences set into motion a different trajectory – and inspired me to learn more about money management in support of financially empowering individuals to improve their financial lives.

AFCPE: What are you looking forward to most about attending #AFCPE2020?

Mia: I look forward to the AFCPE Annual Symposium every year! This is an unprecedented year and I’m looking forward to learning new ideas that promote financial capability in our current context. I’m especially excited, as co-chair of the Symposium Taskforce, to see the hard work of the Taskforce and the AFCPE staff come to fruition.

AFCPE: What tool or resource are you most excited to share?

Mia: I’m excited to share the new Hands on Banking financial assessment that helps point learners to the best tools and resources based on their personal goals.

AFCPE: What message do you have for attendees?

Mia: AFCPE is my favorite professional development conference. Bring your curiosity and open mind… I’m sure you will find innovative ideas, have fresh experiences, and make new friends. I hope to meet you!

Mia Answers the Friday Five:

  1. Your Why: Financial education can empower individuals, families, and communities to reach their goals.
  2. Your Favorite Quote: Growth comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone (Author Unknown)
  3. Your Hero: My grandmother taught me important life skills and encouraged me to always be willing to take risks.
  4. Your Favorite Personal Finance Resource: I have many favorite resources, including, Money Habitudes cards, and the Hands on Banking program (of course!).
  5. Your Best Advice:
    • For someone starting the journey to financial wellness: I like the quote attributed to Arthur Ashe, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. Stay focused but if you fall off track, it’s okay… every day is a new day.
    • For a new professional entering the field: Love what you do and do what you love… your passion and action are key ingredients to making this work impactful for individuals and families across the globe.

Connect with Mia via email or LinkedIn and be sure to stop by Wells Fargo’s virtual exhibit booth at #AFCPE2020!

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