This week on Real Money, Real Experts, Mary and Rachael catch up with longtime AFC® and AFCPE® Member, Mike Wood. Mike shares the story of how the AFC became the standard for Personal Financial Managers (PFM) on military bases across the globe.

Mike has the heart of a counselor, and we loved hearing about both the rewarding and challenging aspects of his career. As a pillar of the military personal finance community, Mike shares fond memories from past Symposiums and offers some great insight for financial counselors working in all areas of our field. “Enjoy the ride!”

Show Notes:
1:33 What led Mike to initially pursuing the AFC
5:28 How the military became involved in deciding to require AFCs
9:31 What does the AFC do differently than other designations?
10:58 Mike’s most exciting memories in the personal finance field
13:31 The challenges Mike faced
16:20 Mike’s advice with setting realistic expectations about your career
23:52 Mike’s final 2 cents

2 responses to “Real Money, Real Experts: Mike Wood, AFC®”

  1. Mary Beth, This is Herman Hurd and I just want to congratulate you on the broadcast. Being an ex-AFC, retired but still a member of AFCPE. I am so proud of Mike Wood as we went through some tough times as the European Connection financial counselors during my military career. Continue to be the person you are. I admire the work of all of you at headquarters.

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