Get to Know AFCPE’s New 2022 Board Members Rita Green and Lucy Delgadillo and learn what questions they have for you!

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Welcome, Rita Green, AFC®

My Work:  I have a training and consulting firm where I specialize in supporting other organizations who promote financial capability, homeownership, entrepreneurship, and community development.  I’ve also been a college educator for over 20 years.

My Roots:  I was born in Mississippi and raised in Tennessee.  I learned many of the fundamentals of personal finance from my parents. In retrospect, I don’t think they saw themselves as teaching personal finance. What they taught me, by example, was financial survival.

My Passion:  It’s a little odd that your work is your passion but it’s awesome to have that passion fuel your work. My work as a personal finance educator is strongly tied to my purpose and service to others.

My Hero: My personal finance hero is Oseola McCarty, who worked as a laundress from age 12 until her 80s. She lived a very simple lifestyle but actively saved the money she earned from washing clothes by hand. She donated $150,000 of her savings to the University of Southern Mississippi. For me, her example eliminates all excuses when it comes to money management and savings, in particular.   

My Favorite Quote: Don’t lend what you cannot afford to give away.

My Reason for Serving on the AFCPE Board of Directors: Serving on the board affords me the opportunity to be the voice of underrepresented audiences that don’t often get heard and to help expand awareness of financial issues that may not receive very much attention.

My Favorite Personal Finance Tool/Resource:  One of my favorite personal finance resources is the FoolProofMe curriculum that teaches healthy skepticism, caution, and critical thinking skills in financial decision-making.

My Advice for Someone Going Through the AFC® Program: I would advise AFC candidates to stay diligent in preparing, taking, and passing the exam because this credential is worth the hard work it takes to earn it.

My Advice for Someone Beginning the Journey of Financial Education/Wellbeing: The steps to financial well-being are worth any changes you must make to ensure a brighter financial future because you are not the only person affected by those actions. Your children, family, and future generations will be standing on the foundation you are laying for your financial well-being. 

My Question for my Colleagues/Peers: Have you ever considered why it takes so much work to teach credit management, for example, but we need very little education to get into debt?  

Headshot of Lucy

Welcome, Lucy M. Delgadillo, Ph.D., CMC, CPC, CFSW

My Work: I am a Professor of Finances at Utah State University. 

My Roots: I am originally from Costa Rica. I have lived in three different countries, but I did most of my tertiary education in the United States. 

My Passion: To seek and facilitate peace. 

My Hero: Joseph, one of Jacob’s 12 sons, the one who was sold in Egypt by his brothers. 

My Favorite Quote: “Turn your ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) into PETs (performance-enhancing thoughts)”, Anthony Grant. 

My Reason for Serving on the AFCPE Board of Directors: I have always wanted to be more actively involved in AFCPE. While I was on the tenure and promotion path, I was just in survival mode. If I can use the analogy to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is time for me to reach the self-actualization level. 

My Favorite Personal Finance Tool/Resource: Financial calculators. 

My Advice for Someone Going Through the AFC® Program: Learn as much as you can and keep in mind your goals and your audience— those you will be serving. 

My Advice for Someone Beginning the Journey of Financial Education/Wellbeing: The emotional aspects of money are as important as the numerical ones. 

My Question for my Colleagues/Peers: How can we decrease the gap between research and practice?

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