Growing up in a very old school home environment we did not talk about money.  We did not talk about salaries, bills, or savings.  Everything I teach was NOT discussed and if you brought it up you got in trouble.  Needless to say, when I finally went out into the great big world, I did not know anything about money management.  I did not know how credit cards or loans worked, and I got myself in trouble!  Everything I know about financial literacy I know because I did it WRONG!

Eleven years ago, I started my personal finance rehab. I started paying attention to my credit and making sure my bills were paid on time.  I still occasionally make an impulsive purchase that maybe I should have waited on, but my finances are strong.  I have retirement, savings, and a strong credit score.  I have two children that know WAY more about money than I ever did.  My eldest son has a savings account that he has money automatically transferred to each pay check and he is building credit.  I’ve always been very open and honest about money with my children.

Professionally, I tell all my clients they are not their mistakes they have made with their money. You can feel like a failure when you don’t know how to properly manage your money, but you can learn how to, and I am here to help.  It takes time and dedication, but it’s so worth it.

~ Sarah Ellis, AFC®

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