Learn more about Amber Almond and Kai Liverpool, our Event Interns who help support our Special Events Manager in event planning management and logistics for our national symposium & more.

My Roots:

Amber: I am a northern California native. My hometown of Petaluma, CA was once referred to as the butter and eggs capital of the world! 

Kai: I am of Caribbean & African-American descent. My mom is from Michigan and my dad is from Guyana. Guyana is a tiny country located in South America right above Brazil. Guyana is also home to the highest single-drop waterfall in the world! 

What led you to AFCPE? 

Amber: I was in search of somewhere where I could grow my event planning skills and I wanted to do this in an environment that was doing good in the community. 

Kai: I attended the AFCPE virtual conference in 2020 while working on the financial health philanthropy team at a financial institution. I also admire AFCPEs mission of providing financial education resources to all people, regardless of income and background.  

My Passion: 

Amber: Event Planning Kai: Writing

What are you most excited about in your new role? 

Amber: I am excited to take my passion and put it towards a great event filled with exciting and helpful experiences. 

Kai: I am excited to combine my interest in financial education with event planning. I have always been the friend who plans every birthday, dinner party, and group event.  

My Hobbies: 

Amber: Hiking, Backpacking, Reading, Swimming Kai: Cooking & Traveling  

My Favorite Personal Finance Resource: 

Amber: Youtubers like Elena Taber, personal budgeting journal. 

Kai: My monthly budgeting excel worksheet I created myself, and finance influencer Haley Sacks (@mrsdowjones) 

What questions do you have for the AFCPE community?

Amber: Who did you first turn to for guidance regarding finance? Do you still turn to them now? 

Kai: How old were you when you realized the importance of financial education?

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