Interview with Viviana Ramos, AFC® 

Viviana Ramos, AFC® is Senior Program Manager and Financial Coach at Compass Working Capital in Boston, MA. Since 2014, she has supported her clients to reach their financial goals by providing assistance and expertise throughout their financial journey. To her clients, she is an advocate with extensive knowledge and resources.

AFCPE: What inspired you to enter this field?

Viviana: Financial coaching/counseling is usually aimed at individuals and families who make a moderate or low income and I feel strongly that all people deserve access to sound financial expertise and support to build assets, particularly people of color.

AFCPE: Tell us about your journey to becoming an AFC®.

Viviana: It was important for me to become an AFC® because I wanted my clients to trust the information I am giving to them. Once I obtained the certification, I was happy to have a designation that allows me to build that essential trust a little faster.

AFCPE: We love your passion! What’s next up? What’s got you most excited?

Viviana: Thanks!  Up next I am considering the CFP® designation. I would like to continue to build my financial expertise for the benefit of my clients and the continuum of care.

Viviana answers the Friday 5:

1.     My Why: The clients and this field. This work is very personal to me.

2.     My Favorite Quote: “Scared money don’t make no money.” -Kathrina St Flavin, AFC®

3.     My Hero: My family, they persevere no matter what.

4.     My Favorite Personal Finance Resource: Nerd Wallet, I love their comparison tools.

5.     My best advice:

– For someone starting the journey to financial well-being: Self-awareness is crucial. Be humble about what you know and what you don’t know.

– For a new professional entering this field: The coaching relationship is not about you, it is always about the client, leave your bias/judgment at the door.
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