Headshot of Kate MielitzMy Name: Kate Mielitz, aka K8, formerly known as “Dr. M”

My Work: Special Groups Manager

My Roots: Born in Wyoming (Go Pokes!), call Oregon home. Currently making my way back to the Pacific Northwest as efficiently as possible.

My Passion: Working with people and money, sharing my own mistakes and making sure others know that it’s okay to make (financial) mistakes, sharing/teaching the professional and personal benefit of the AFC® designation.

My Hero: My kids (Kaden, 15; Slaeda, 10) and my husband (Slade, USA-Ret.)

My Hobbies: Read, photography (streams and rivers, trees), binge-watch tv shows with my husband, play cards/board games with my family, read some more, volunteer for the Tourette Association of America.

My Favorite Personal Finance Resource: PEOPLE. What’s worked? What hasn’t worked? What are their thoughts on XYZ? What resources did they use to form their thoughts? What resources do *they* recommend for me?

What led you to AFCPE? I am a Military Spouse Fellow, class of 2008. I got my AFC® in 2009 but didn’t become a member until 2014. I’ve been a member ever since because #BENEFITS #COMMUNITY!! An opportunity presented itself for joining the Staff and I knew I couldn’t pass up working with the best group of professionals that I have found in many years!

What are you most excited about in your new role? Getting to make a personal connection with AFC®s (and future AFC®s) on a broader platform, sharing my love for AFCPE with students and professionals.

What question do you have for the AFCPE community? How do you think I can best communicate the value of the AFC® to students and non-AFCPE professionals?

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