Thank you for completing the AFCPE® MentorConnect program form!

Remember, MentorConnect matches are made 3 times a year during the following times

    • Feb 1 (applications received by Jan 15)
    • May 1 (applications received by April 15)
    • Aug 1 (applications received by July 15)

Once we make a match, we’ll encourage the Mentee to reach out and schedule the first meeting. The preferred cadence is monthly, but we’ll leave it up to you both to decide what works best for you! We’ll also be checking in with both Mentor and Mentee periodically to see how it is going and to support if needed.  

In the meantime:
As you wait for your MentorConnect match, please take a few minutes to make sure your profile is up-to-date in the myAFCPE® database:

For on demand mentoring advice, The Mentor’s Corner ! You can access The Mentor’s Corner from the Mentorship tab in your Membership dashboard.

And don’t forget to take advantage of the AFCPE Connected Community. It’s a great place to share ideas or ask questions.

Thank you,

Zulairam Ruiz-Agosto, Member Services Associate Manager

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