AFCPE Newsletter Q4 2019

Executive Director’s Message 

As I sit down to write this, Autumn is in the air and Summer felt like a blip on the radar. I hope you enjoyed a restful summer and that you are gearing up for a fantastic 2019 symposium in Portland, Oregon!  The Board and Staff look forward to welcoming you for a week of connection and impact. 

Our program theme this year is “Connect. Empower. Impact.” to build off the momentum of the last few years.  This theme sounds simple, but reflects the incredible power of this organization and of you, our professionals. The AFCPE® network is especially unique in some really important ways: first, we convene professionals from all across the country, but more importantly from across the continuum of financial care: financial education, financial counseling, financial coaching, financial planning, and financial therapy. I am especially proud that AFCPE leads the way in the financial services field with our focus on integration, inclusion, and in the diversity of our professionals. 

We are making progress and raising more awareness for AFCPE, the profession, and the value of your certification. Together, we can do even more. Each of you is an ambassador to our field and can influence those around you by sharing the value of your expertise and the network of peers. Encourage people to get certified and join AFCPE membership so we can keep spreading the word!

You won’t want to miss our terrific general  sessions, breakout sessions, and student presentations full of cutting edge research and practice to help advance the field and continue raising the standards of professionalism.

General session speakers include: 

  • Harriet Dominique, USAA: 7 Leadership Lessons 
  • Panel Discussion: Promising Practices: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
  • Ellie Kay: Science of Laughter
  • Gary Mottola and Shay Cook, FINRA Foundation: The Financial Capability Gap – What is it and what does it mean?
  • Ida Rademacher, Aspen Institute: Inclusive Growth: The Backbone of American Prosperity 


More Essentials Courses Coming Soon!

In Q4 2019, we will launch two more Essentials Courses:

  • Military Essentials: a joint collaboration with FINRA Investor Education Foundation, this course uniquely provides financial professionals with the knowledge, tools, and resources to help military service members and their families navigate the military financial landscape to achieve financial readiness. 
  • Financial Inclusion Essentials: a joint collaboration with National Disability Institute (NDI), this course provides financial professionals and disability service providers with an overview of financial capability and asset building strategies, resources, and tools to help you better assist people with disabilities in building their financial well-being.

Essentials Courses are designed to increase your knowledge, support capacity building, and help you better support the communities that you serve. Courses are online and self-paced to meet you where you are. Stay tuned for more Essentials Courses coming in 2020!

Young Pro Campaign: 

Our Young Professionals Campaign was designed as a way for you to share the value of your certification and for us to spotlight the incredible ways an AFC® – or FFC® – can provide you with the expertise and experience to pursue a wide range of careers. We also took this opportunity to celebrate some of our Young Professional superstars!

While we launched our very first #YoungProWeek in 2019, we encourage you to share your experiences year round!

  • Visit this page to share videos, statistics, and most importantly, your own experiences! 
  • Fill in the blanks and share this with your social media community:
    • AFCPE® has made a difference in my life by ______.
    • The work I do as an AFC®/FFC® inspires me to ____.
    • One thing I wish I would have known when starting my career as an AFC®/FFC® ____.
    • The most rewarding part of my job is _____.

Strategic Impact Fund: 

Last year we rolled out our new Strategic Impact fund to complement our reserve fund and focus on long-term sustainability and greater impact in our field. AFCPE used overage investment funds to start the account and sought additional donations to help grow the fund. With your generous donations, we were able to award 17 full scholarships and 14 partial scholarships for AFCPE Certification programs and Symposium attendance this year! 

Help us keep the momentum going by donating here:

Thank you for your support! I look forward to seeing you in Portland this November! 

Rebecca Wiggins, Executive Director, AFCPE

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