It is my pleasure to serve as the editor for Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning starting in 2014. JFCP has helped my career development greatly during my growth from a young professional to a mature one. It is time for me to help the journal to achieve more successes based on the strong foundation laid by the long term former editor, Fran Lawrence, and the founding editor, Sherman Hanna. I thank the AFCPE Executive Director, Rebecca Wiggins, and the then Board Liaison, Janet Garkey, for their encouragement and assistance in my application process. I also thank Barbara O’Neill who agreed to continue her role as the book editor for JFCP. To let AFCPE members and potential authors know me better, I would like to briefly introduce my backgrounds. As a full professor of personal finance at University of Rhode Island, I have experience in editing. I have been on editorial boards of JFCP and several other journals for many years. I served as the editor of Journal of Family and Economic Issues in 2001-11. I also edited several books including Handbook on Consumer Finance Research and Mathematics of Personal Finance and a book series entitled International Series on Consumer Science.

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