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Our on demand programs cover a diverse range of subjects related to financial counseling, planning and education to fit your specific area of expertise.

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Visit our Guide to Maintaining Your Certification for information about CEU requirements and the approval and retention process for AFCPE certifications.
For scheduled conferences, live webinars and on-site trainings, please visit our Live Programs calendar.
TopicTitle #CEUsEligibilitySponsor(s)Expires
Disability, Financial ConceptsFPA Connect: Advocates of Special Needs Families 1.0AFCPE Member OnlyAFCPE & FPANever
Student Loans, College Savings, Financial EducationFPA Connect: Changing the Approach to College Funding Advice 1.0AFCPE Member OnlyAFCPE & FPANever
Financial Coaching, Financial CounselingCoaching in Crisis: A Trauma Informed Approach to Financial Coaching and Counseling 1.0Open to all ProfessionalsAFCPE & SAGE Financial SolutionsNever
Personal FinanceGetting to Know You: Introducing PFMs to Cooperative Extension and to Each Other 1.5Open to all ProfessionalsMFLNNever
DebtConsumer Debt Collection Compliance Specialist Learn and Identify key components of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - FDCP. Learn how it applies to collectors and consumers10.0Open to all ProfessionalsICFENever
Credit BuildingCredit Scoring Specialist How credit scoring is developed and implemented and how to improve credit scores.10.0Open to all ProfessionalsICFENever
Credit, Credit BuildingCredit Repair Specialist Training on how to help consumers fix mistakes on their credit report.10.0Open to all ProfessionalsICFENever
CreditCredit Report Reviewer Training will teach professionals on how to help consumers fix mistakes on their credit files.10.0Open to all ProfessionalsICFENever
Identity TheftIdentity Theft Risk Management Specialist XV Training will help professionals understand and communicate identity theft risks to consumers.10.0Open to all ProfessionalsICFENever
Income and Tax TipsIncome Tax Tips for PFMs Working with Military Families 1.5Open to all ProfessionalsMFLNNever
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