The purpose of this study was to develop the Financial Transparency Scale (FTS) to assess financial transparency, the open and honest disclosure of one’s finances, between married partners. A sample of 183 individuals married for less than 5 years, in their first marriage, completed an online survey. Principal components analysis (PCA) was conducted and determined the FTS is comprised of three components: Financial Partnership, Financial Secrecy, and Financial Trust and Disclosure. The FTS was positively correlated with four related scales: the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale, the Shared Goals and Values Scale, the Frequency of Financial Management Scale, and the Communication Patterns Questionnaire – Short Form. An alpha of .94 was reported for the FTS. Financial practitioners can use the FTS as a tool to determine the level of financial transparency within a couple relationship, identify areas of concern, and illustrate the importance of open and honest communication about finances.

Keywords: communication, disclosure, financial transparency, marital satisfaction

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