This study examined a conceptual model on the intention to adopt NFC-based mobile payment that incorporates
financial experiences and beliefs. NFC refers to Near Field Communication, a new technology in mobile
payments. From an online experimental survey of 463 U.S. young adults, this research found consumers who
used cards among their payment methods as opposed to cash-only were less likely to adopt NFC mobile payment.
Previous experience in non-NFC mobile payments had a significant positive association with intention to adopt
NFC mobile payment. Among the beliefs, consumers with higher trust and higher perceived usefulness about
NFC mobile payment had greater intentions to adopt it. Moreover, trust was found to have a mediating effect
between non-NFC mobile payment experience and the intention to adopt NFC mobile payment. This study not
only provides mobile payment providers with effective marketing strategies to increase consumers’ adoption of
NFC mobile payment but also provides financial educators with important implications to develop targeted
education programs.

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