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Coaching Your Clients: How a High Savings Rate Beats Juiced Market Returns

December 10, 2018

Many financial coaches and advisors report difficulty in working to improve their clients’ consumption patterns for the purpose of increasing their savings rates. One helpful approach in this endeavor is to provide concrete evidence of the future value that a client will receive by improving his or her consumption habits today. Compound growth may be a powerful force, but it can be very difficult for individuals to visualize when it really matters.

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Love & Money


December 03, 2018

Incorporating empirically-based curriculum and programming is simply best-practice. It’s not time or cost effective to do something simply because we think it works. Offer programming that you have evidence will produce positive results for your clients. This will ultimately attract new clients and retain existing clients.

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Evaluate Impact: Introducing the Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit

November 27, 2018

When you teach personal finance, how do you know if the lessons are really sinking in? There is an added challenge when you teach adult and nontraditional learners in that you often don’t know participants’ level of financial literacy beforehand and, unless you follow up afterwards, there’s no way of measuring whether they learned anything or — the real point — if they changed any of their financial behaviors for the better after the program.

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Zeiders Enterprises builds bridges for military communities worldwide

Military, Financial Counseling

November 13, 2017

At Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. we have a network of financial professionals that includes AFC® credentialed professionals who help Service members go places they never imagined they could or would go with their finances. Zeiders helps Service members and their families by giving them the tools, education, and counseling to cross the bridge to financial well-being.

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Preparing Students to Work in Diverse Professions in Personal Finance

Financial Counseling, Financial Planning, Financial Therapy

November 10, 2017

Known for excellence in educating and training students, the K-State Personal Financial Planning program helps to equip students with strong technical and soft skills to be successful in the real world.

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