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3 Tips to Help Teenagers Track Their Finances

Budget, General, Financial Education

December 08, 2015

Most parents desire their teenagers to be a wealth of financial savvy - saving crazily and spending wisely. However, the reality is that at this point in their lives, our teenagers may not hold the...

Supporting a Grieving Client

General, Financial Education

December 04, 2015

As a Financial Counselor, if you have never gone through the process of grief yourself, then you may find it difficult to know what to say to, or how to work with, a client who is currently...

Mindful Spending: The Emotions Behind Your Financial Decisions

General, Financial Education

December 02, 2015

One important factor in planning a financial strategy, and a step so often overlooked, is taking a look at the emotions behind the purchase. Emotions are closely linked to financial habits. If you...

Money, Marriage & Communication

General, Financial Education

November 23, 2015

Money affects all areas of an individual’s life. Issues with money are still a leading factor in divorce. The following tips are essential to every marriage and every budget: If you're not...

Values Matter

General, Financial Education

November 04, 2015

Whether working with clients or simply your own family’s budget, one of the first things you need to look at are values. Each person has a set of values. defines values as: “relative...

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