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Are You Really Listening?

When your clients are telling you the sensitive, private details of their financial lives, are you listening? I mean really listening? I’ve personally experienced two levels of listening, and perhaps others identify with these tiers as well. Basic Listening: This first level entails gathering enough information to grasp the speaker’s main point...

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Zeiders Enterprises builds bridges for military communities worldwide

Bridges enable people to get from one place to another. People go places they couldn’t go before, or previously had to find an ineffective way to get there. At Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. we have a network of financial professionals that includes AFC® credentialed professionals who help Service members go places they...

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Preparing Students to Work in Diverse Professions in Personal Finance

Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University (K-State) is a nationally recognized and award-winning program that prepares students to work in diverse professions in personal finance. Known for excellence in educating and training students, the K-State Personal Financial Planning program helps to equip students with strong technical and soft skills...

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