I value my AFCPE membership because it adds credibility to my program, keeps me abreast of what is happening in the world of finance, provides networking opportunities and enhances camaraderie.
Lela B. Brown
Membership in AFCPE has introduced me to a wonderful and talented group of individuals working together for the advancement of financial counseling and planning education.
Steven "Shags" Shagrin
Membership in AFCPE is very valuable to me as an educator and counselor. It allows for opportunities to gain exposure and experience with a variety of learning tools to assist others in their personal financial success.
Rebecca Travnichek
AFCPE is the premier organization for Family Economists. Attending the annual meeting and pre-conference sessions have been invaluable as a tenure track professional.
Debra Pankow
AFCPE provides the continual and unique opportunity to align with like-minded professionals in the personal finance profession, whether they be researchers, educators, or practitioners.
Jane Schuchardt
AFCPE provides an unique platform for taking financial research and applying it to situations that practitioners use every day. The networking and sharing of programming materials with other professionals in the field have been valuable professional tools that helped me reach the success I have achieved.
Celia Ray Hayhoe
In these days when we are stressing value more than ever, AFCPE conferences and publications provide usable, cutting-edge information that can be used immediately in my family financial education work. It is a great value.
Cynthia Crawford
The most valuable benefit of AFCPE is the opportunity to attend the annual AFCPE Conference which offers a wide-range of resources and information through presentations, displays, and networking with other experts in the field of personal finance. I've enjoyed my experiences at the AFCPE conference and have met some tremendous people at the conferences.
Brian Pampuro

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