The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education hosts over 800 members and 1,500 certificate holders - all of whom provide the best in financial counseling and financial education to their clients and students!

In order to honor the excellence of our members and their programs, AFCPE conducts an active awards program. Honorees are presented to the membership during a brunch held at the annual conference each November.

Nominate an outstanding colleague, or yourself, for our 2014 Awards using the forms provided below.

2013 Award Winners

From Left (Ivan Beutler, Sharon Cabeen, Danielle Champagne, Laurel Kubin, Ruth Brock, Jinhee Kim, Joseph Goetz)

Award Descriptions

Distinguished Fellow
Recognize a colleague whom you feel merits our greatest accolades. This award recognizes significant and long-lasting contributions made by selected individuals to AFCPE over the organization's history. The nominee should be a leader in the field of financial counseling and planning education. Must exhibit the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct throughout his or her professional career.
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Mary Ellen Edmondson Educator of the Year
A $200 award and plaque will be given to an AFCPE member with dedicated service to teaching and/or outreach. The criteria include designing or using a creative and innovative program with impact and/or service to the profession and AFCPE. The educator is also a mentor who devotes a large portion of his/her practice to educating clients.
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2013 Award Recipient:
Laurel Kubin, Colorado State University Extension

Outstanding Consumer Information
A plaque will be awarded to the author and/or publisher of widely distributed educational materials. The information may be in the form of a book, periodical, consumer brochure(s), video, audio or multi-media. The information must be useful to those working in the field of financial counseling and planning. Should be innovative and timely with appropriate depth and/or breadth.
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2013 Award Recipient:

Outstanding Educational Program
A plaque will be awarded to a program that has demonstrated an impact in the field of financial counseling and planning. Program must include well-defined objectives and target audience; materials, content and methods should be innovative and audience-appropriate. Include evidence of impact. Other practitioners should be able to adapt or replicate.
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2013 Award Recipient:
TG Financial Literacy Program

Outstanding Financial Counseling and/or Planning Center
This award highlights a financial counseling or planning center that has demonstrated its effectiveness in its local community. The center should be responsive to target audience needs, and materials and delivery must be appropriate for the audience. Provide evidence of impact, and how other centers can adapt or replicate the program.
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2013 Award Recipient:
University of North Texas Student Money Management Center

Financial Counselor of the Year
A $200 award and plaque will be given to an AFCPE member who has contributed outstanding work in financial counseling. This should include a high level of outreach, evidence of outcomes, and innovative approaches to counseling.
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2013 Award Recipient:
Joseph Goetz, University of Georgia

Outstanding Conference Paper Award
This award winner, nominated by the submission reviewers and chosen by a select committee, has written a paper that is of great use to the profession. The paper must include a thorough review of literature, a new and innovative approach to examining a current topic, and employ sound research methods. The successful paper will also include a thorough and creative practical applications section.
2013 Award Recipient:
Ivan Beutler, Brigham Young University for “What Makes Wealth Grow?”

Outstanding Research Journal Article of the Year
All papers accepted for publication in the research journal are automatically nominated for this award. The winning paper will include a thorough and appropriate review of the literature of the topic addressed. Sound research methodologies must be employed and include sound operational definitions, appropriate measuring devices, and adequate statistical analyses. The successful paper will also provide creative and innovative approaches to using the information in practice.
2013 Award Recipient:
Jinhee Kim, University of Maryland; Swarn Chatterjee, University of Georgia for “Childhood Financial Socialization and Young Adults’ Financial Management”

Membership in AFCPE has introduced me to a wonderful and talented group of individuals working together for the advancement of financial counseling and planning education.
Steven "Shags" Shagrin

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