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Advancing Food Security for Military Families (OneOp)

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The program is a 90-minute asynchronous course. Advancing Food Security for Military Families is a self-paced course developed by national food security expert Dr. Angela Odoms-Young. Use this professional development opportunity to expand your capacity to support food security among the military families you serve. Learn about existing initiatives that address food insecurity in military families. Examine the multilevel factors […]

Predictably Irrational Book Study

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Predictably Irrational Book Study Hosted by Andi Wrenn Join us for a six (6) week opportunity to apply what we learn in reading this book and applying it to working with clients in personal finance. Helping clients with everyday financial decisions, savings on autopilot, planning for purchases and investment decisions. The book and research by Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational explains […]

FPA Connect: Cultural Intelligence: Different Values & Behaviors in Financial Counseling

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If a client does not return our smile or avoids eye contact, we might assume that the client does not like us or trust us. In fact, smiling and eye contact are behaviors that differ across cultures. While we often think of culture in terms of ethnicity and nationality, it may be based on other commonalities, such as age or […]