Interactive. Experiential. Client Driven.

AFCPE® and Sage Financial Solutions partnered to develop a program that provides you with the skills and techniques to build upon your financial foundation and support clients as they make lasting financial behavior change. Each module of training builds upon the last to enhance effectiveness with clients. Complete all three to obtain your FFC® certification.

Sage Financial Solutions is a nationally recognized provider of programming designed to facilitate the financial well-being of under-served communities.

Coaching Essentials 2020 Training Dates:

August 13 & 27, 2020 (web-based)


Have you educated, counseled and developed a plan for your client, but they are still stuck in those familiar unhealthy financial patterns?

Financial coaches facilitate the client’s progress using skills and techniques to support lasting financial behavior change. In a coaching engagement, your clients create their own solutions and build and implement an action plan that works for them.

Financial Coaching is…

  • An approach that builds upon a strong foundation of financial knowledge.
  • A relationship in which client and coach collaborate on the ground rules.
  • Client-centered goal setting.
  • Focused on behavior change.
  • Accountability between client and coach.


A new tool for your toolbox. 

The FFC® program is a great fit for anyone who wants to become a Financial Coach, or use coaching skills in their work as an educator, counselor or planner. Whether you are starting your career or seeking to add to your professional skill set, this program can help you tie your financial content and client communication together to support your clients in creating healthy financial habits.

FFC® Building Blocks

  • Interactive. Experiential. Client Driven.
  • Three modules of training each building upon the last to enhance effectiveness with clients.
  • Requires that you are a financial expert so you can build skills upon a strong knowledge base.

FFC® Certification Program

"The two-day training gives you the foundation, but more important than that are the opportunities to practice. [The FFC® program] is uniquely set up to really give that practitioner the confidence to bring the value of all those skills and techniques to the client. "

FFC® Certification Program

"The FFC® is the perfect complement to the AFC®. After acquiring the foundational financial information needed to be of value to my clients, the FFC® allows me to partner with clients in a way that gives them a safe space to journey deeper into their relationship with money. Rather than telling the client what to do, I have the privilege of experiencing the why they do what they do on their journey to how they plan to change."

Coaching Essentials Training

"I feel more equipped to make tangible changes and implement new practices to be a better partner with my clients in their journey."

Coaching Essentials Training

"I feel more equipped to make tangible changes and implement new practices to be a better partner with my clients in their journey."


Our program models the coaching relationship by meeting you where you are and supporting your professional development on your terms.

You may already have a strong financial foundation and want to add coaching skills to your toolbox, or maybe you already hold a coaching certification and want financial-specific coaching training. Coaching is not a replacement for financial counseling or planning but a way of working with clients to support them in taking charge of their financial choices and implementing action plans.

Our training provides a clear process with a focus on mastery of coaching skills, allowing each individual to bring their own unique personality and expertise to the coaching relationship.


Coaching Essentials

Building the Skills


  • 2 days of live training (in person or web-based)
  • Practice new skills during online sessions with a Mentor Coach
  • Apply what you learned and submit a recorded coaching session and self-critique

Upon completion, you’ll be able to take the core essentials of financial coaching and put them into practice. Learn More about Coaching Essentials.


Coaching Applications

Deepening the Learning

  • 10 Online Learning Labs deepen your understanding of the core skills
  • Self-paced videos, assignments, discussions, and quizzes help you absorb the content
  • Assess your skills by submitting recorded coaching sessions with self-critiques

This training builds upon Coaching Essentials, taking a deeper look at each skill and technique, providing guidance as you develop your coaching skills.


Coaching Mastery

Final Step to Certification

  • 1 day of live training (in person or web-based)
  • Online sessions with a Mentor Coach to ask questions and work through case studies
  • Complete and report the required 250 experience hours
  • Demonstrate your skills by submitting a recorded session for evaluation

Coaching Mastery takes your training to the next level through exam, experience, ethics and a commitment to ongoing professional development.



Register for the entire program (all 3 modules together) and save $300.

Total Cost: $2,200

Individual Module Cost:

  • Module 01: Coaching Essentials - $1,200

  • Module 02: Coaching Applications - $550

  • Module 03: Coaching Mastery - $750

If you elect to register for each module separately, the total cost is $2,500. 

Dates & Times for 2020 Coaching Essentials training!

August 13 & 27, 2020 (web-based)



Educational eligibility requirements have been established to ensure that individuals certified as Financial Fitness Coaches have the appropriate level of education, knowledge, and proficiency necessary to provide financial coaching services using the FFC® mark.

We believe that, as a financial coach, it is critical for you to have a core foundation of financial knowledge, as well as a mastery of financial coaching skills and techniques. 

Download the FFC® Candidate Handbook


Financial Knowledge Pre-requisite

Successful completion of AFCPE®’s Money Management Essentials course or the AFC®, CFP®, ChFC®, CFA®, CPA® certification exam. The cost of AFCPE®‘s Money Management Essentials course is $325.

FFC® Program Fees

Modules 1-3 of the FFC® program can be purchased together or separately. Each module builds upon the previous one. If you register for the full FFC® certification program, all 3 modules, you save $300.

AFCPE’s Refund Policy

Please review our AFCPE®‘s Refund Policy for more details.

Coaching observations and an oral interview.

Observed by

250 hours of financial coaching practice and submission of three letters of reference. 

Observed by

Sign and adhere to the AFCPE® Code of Ethics.

Counselors certified by AFCPE® pledge to maintain the following ethical standards…Learn More.

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