Accredited Financial Counselor

Course Content

Financial Counseling and Debt Management
Books: Financial Counseling by Charles Pulvino and Carol Pulvino; Money Troubles by Robin Leonard and Attorney Margaret Reiter; Surviving Debt by National Consumer Law Center; Study Guide

  • Counseling and the Communication Process
  • Using Listening Skills
  • Using Counseling Skills
  • Problem solving and Intervention Strategies
  • Physical Environment and Multiple-Client Interviews
  • Financial Counseling Issues
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Reports
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Using Public Agencies to Assist Clients
  • Strategies to Reduce Client Debt
  • Child Support, Alimony and Repossessions
  • Housing and Student Loan Debt
  • Bankruptcy 

Personal Finance
Books: Personal Finance by E. Thomas Garman and Raymond E. Forgue

  • The Importance of Personal Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • Managing Taxes
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Management
  • Managing Your Cash
  • Credit Use and Credit Cards
  • Planned Borrowing
  • Risk Management and Property/Liability Insurance
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

Other Recommended Resources

Personal Finance: Turning Money into Wealth by Arthur J. Keown

A primary value of the AFCPE Certification to me was to teach me as a Counselor not only how to help a person get out of debt,but also how to help that person help themselves by educating them, giving them useful financial tools,and helping them feel better about themselves and their ability to handle their finances and financial decisions in the future.
Joseph King

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