2017 AFCPE Symposium

Kristen Berman

Bridging the Gap: From Education to Behavior Change

This session will highlight the key behavioral biases that plague your clients, provide solutions for what to do about them and address the most common mistake that financial counselors make.

About Kristen:

Kristen Berman studies how people actually act in the marketplace, as opposed to how they should or would perform if they were completely rational.

Currently she is a co-founder and head of product at Common Cents Lab, a Duke University initiative dedicated to improving the financial well-being for low to middle Americans.

Kristen also co-founded Irrational Labs, a non-profit behavioral consulting company, with Dan Ariely in 2013. Irrational Labs helps companies and nonprofits understand and leverage behavioral economics to increase the health, wealth and happiness of their users.

She was on the founding team for the behavioral economics group at Google, a group that touches over 26 teams across Google, and hosts ones of the top behavioral change conferences globally, StartupOnomics. She co-authored a series of workbooks called Hacking Human Nature for Good: A practical guide to changing behavior, with Dan Ariely. These workbooks are being used at companies like Google, Intuit, Neflix, Fidelity, Lending Club for business strategy and design work. She has given talks at the World Bank, Google, Facebook, Expedia, Aetna, Equifax and many other organizations and companies.



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