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Building the Bridge: Working Together to Strengthen the Continuum of Care

September 27, 2017 @ 12 - 1:00 PM EST

1 CEU for AFCPE® & CFP® Professionals 

By now, you’ve probably heard us talking about building a more integrated and comprehensive “Continuum of Care.” But what does it mean? Why is it important? And how does it impact you, your work and the financial well-being of those you serve?

We take great pride in supporting financial professionals from across the continuum and are excited to bring together 5 AFCPE members, representing financial education, counseling, coaching, planning, and therapy.

The panel will:

  • Discuss the continuum of financial care, where it starts and stops and what happens when the lines are blurred.
  • Explore ethical implications for the profession.
  • Explore how each role differs, where there is overlap and what this means when defining our roles for those whom we serve.
  • Explore strategies for working together to enhance the opportunity for individuals and families from all backgrounds to achieve lasting financial well-being.

The Moderators:
Saundra Davis, MSFP, Sage Financial Solutions & Rebecca Wiggins, AFCPE®

The Panel:

  • Financial Educator: Dottie Durband, PhD, AFC®
  • Financial Counselor: PJ Gunter, AFC®
  • Financial Coach: Vivian Padua, AFC®, ACC, FFCTM Candidate
  • Financial Planner: Dylan Ross, AFC®, CFP®
  • Financial Therapist: Kristy Archuleta, PhD, LMFT

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