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This issue provides a recap of the 2007 AFCPE Conference that was held in Tampa, FL.

July 2007
Do you work with elderly clients who may have gambling problems? This issue addresses that and more! Read a comprehensive overview of what standards certification programs must meet and how AFCPE strives to live up to industry standards.

April 2007
This issue focuses on credit unions and financial literacy. Read about AFCPE's 10% Solution and how you can participate.

January 2007
This issue includes the last in a series of articles about private practice. Learn how to assist divorcing clients and the biggest financial mistakes that should be avoided.

October 2006
Read more about financial planning for aging parents or learn more about the financial issues that military seniors are facing. Find out more about the recently passed Pension Protection Act or read Barbara O'Neills book review of T. Harv Eker's "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind."

April 2006
Read an exciting member success story regarding programs for the Hispanic marketplace. President Judith Cohart presents AFCPE's vision and plan to advance the field of financial counseling and financial education. Get ready for an exciting upcoming conference in San Antonio with Ray Forgue's trail blazing article!

July 2005
Read articles from each of four keynote speakers to be presented at the Annual Conference in November! In addition learn about military combat death benefits and family finance nights. President Celia Hayhoe outlines the future in Notes from the President.

April 2005
The Bankruptcy Reform Bill is signed into law - read all about it in this issue of the Standard. In addition, you'll learn the truth about FICO scores and hear from a victim of identity theft. Each issue of the Standard will profile a board member or AFCPE committee chairperson. Don't miss this issue!

January 2005
AFCPE unveils its new brand identity! A new logo, based on our personality and beliefs was designed especially for AFCPE. Pre-K financial literacy? A successful pre-K program was designed by CUNA and cooperative extension. The 2004 annual conference is recapped and award winners are highlighted.

October 2004
How do leadership and management skills differ? Executive Director Sharon Burns highlights the main points of a seminar she attended. Advance directives and balancing work, family and social life are examined. Tools of the Trade are always useful and a standard in The Forum

July 2004
This issue is a must read!

April 2004
Providing credit education on college campus is a hot topic! You'll also receive a credit counseling update and acquire tools for dealing with debt. Sandi Martin examines the issue of manageable debt loads in her article , How Much is Too Much?

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