Journal Articles

Volume 2

How to use Financial Ratios When Advising Clients
Ruth H. Lytton, E. Thomas Garman and Nancy M. Porter
Cognitive Style Preferences and Financial
Kathryn D. Rettig and Catherine L. Schulz
Planning For Family Asset Transfers
Kay P. Edwards
Characteristics and Needs of Students
Ralph A. Pope and Thomas S. Howe
Asset Management and Retired Households: Savers, Dissavers and
Jeanne M. Hogarth
The Value of Past Performance Data: The Case of Mutual Funds
Craig L. Israelsen and Ivan F. Beutler
Investor Portfolio Allocation
Robert O. Weagley and Colleen F. Gannon
Financial Counseling and Planning: Similarities and Distinctions
Virginia B. Langrehr
Book Review of: As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer
Fred Waddell

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