Journal Articles

Volume 10 (1)

Cash Flow Management: A Framework Of Daily Family Activities
Glenn Muske and Mary Winter
Financial Help-Seeking Behavior: Theory And Implications
John E. Grable and So-hyun Joo
Financial Planning Curriculum For Teens: Impact Evaluation
Sharon M. Danes, Catherine Huddleston-Casas, and Laurie Boyce
Sustainable Withdrawal Rates From Your Retirement Portfolio
Philip L. Cooley, Carl M. Hubbard and Daniel T. Walz
Returns To Information Search: Consumer Mortgage Shopping Decisions
Jinkook Lee and Jeanne M. Hogarth
Predictors Of Households' Debt Repayment Difficulties
Deborah D. Godwin
Workplace Financial Education Improves Personal Financial Wellness
E. Thomas Garman, Jinhee Kim, Constance Y. Kratzer, Bruce H. Brunson and So-hyun Joo
The Rule Of 72
John J. Spitzer and Sandeep Singh
Book Review of Boomernomics: The Future of Your Money in the Upcoming Generational Warfare
Barbara O'Neill
Book Review of Maximizing Your Health Insurance Benefits:A Consumer?s Guide to New and Traditional Plans
Deanna L. Sharpe
Book Review of The Psychology of Saving: A Study of Economic Psychology
Jean M. Lown
Book Review of Expenditures of Older Americans
M.J. Alhabeeb
Book Review of The Best Way to Save For College:A Comprehensive Guide to State-Sponsored College Savings Plansand Pre-paid Tuition Contracts
Peng Chen
Book Review of Decision Making Inconsistent with Economic and Financial Theory
Jing J. Xiao
Book Review of New Methods in Financial Modeling:Explorations and Applications
Bradley T. Ewing

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