Editorial Board of Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning


Jing Jian Xiao
University of Rhode Island

Book Review Editor

Barbara O’Neill
Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Editorial Board

Ivan Beutler, Brigham Young University

Swarn Chatterjee, University of Georgia

J. Michael Collins, University of Wisconsin

Sharon M. Danes, University of Minnesota

Sharon A. DeVaney, Purdue University

Jeffrey Dew, Utah State University

Jessie X. Fan, University of Utah

Pattie Fisher, Virginia Tech

Jonathan Fox, Iowa State University

Joseph Goetz, University of Georgia

John Grable, University of Georgia

Nancy L. Granovsky, Texas A&M University

Michael Gutter, University of Florida

Sherman D. Hanna, Ohio State University

Claudia J. Heath, University of Kentucky

Jeanne Hogarth, Center for Financial Services Innovation

Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Texas Tech University

Margaret Keefe, University of Rhode Island

Jinhee Kim, University of Maryland

Douglas Lamdin, University of Maryland

Frances C. Lawrence , Louisiana State University

Irene E. Leech, Virginia Tech University

Caezilia Loibl, The Ohio State University

Jean M. Lown, Utah State University

Angela Lyons, University of Illinois

Carole Makela, Colorado State University

Cliff Robb, Kansas State University

Joyce Serido, University of Arizona

Deanna L. Sharpe, University of Missouri-Columbia

Margaret S. Sherraden, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Rebecca J. Travnichek, University of Missouri

Peter Tufano, University of Oxford

Karen Varcoe, University of California-Riverside

William Walstad, University of Nebraska

Rui Yao, University of Missouri-Columbia

Contact Information

Jing Jian Xiao, Ph.D.
University of Rhode Island
Department of Human Development and Family Studies

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