Post Certification

Maintaining Your Certification

Professional development is a career-long process. Over the course of a career many changes will occur in a field of study or profession requiring an updating of knowledge and skills. These changes include the introduction of new and varied products and services offerings in the financial marketplace as well changes in laws and technical knowledge related to personal finance and counseling. The purpose of requiring certificants to receive continuing education is threefold:

  • to enhance the individual professional’s capacity to serve his or her constituents,
  • protect the public interest, and
  • uphold the rigor of the certification programs.

To maintain the use of AFCPE credentials, the AFCPE Certification Council requires that certification must be renewed once every two (2) years.

For more information, please refer to:

AFCPE Guide to CEUs

In order for a certified professional to remain in good-standing and maintain certification, the following certification renewal requirements must be met:

Annual Certification Fee

AFC = $50 / CHC = $65
* The annual fee is due on January 3 of each year, beginning the year after certification is awarded. A grace period is available until January 31. Late fees will be incurred for each month that an annual certification fee is not paid. After 6 months of late fees (July 31), if the annual certification fee is not paid, then the candidate’s certification will be revoked.

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Continuing Education Unit Requirement (2-year reporting period)

(Current reporting period begins Jan 1, 2016 / ends Dec 31, 2017)

AFC = 30 hours / CHC = 45 hours

    • All hours must be submitted to AFCPE for approval.
    • CEU credits must be submitted no later than December 31 of the reporting cycle.
    • In order to enhance the value of continuing education, CEUs must be earned from at least three different types of activities. This is fully outlined in the AFCPE Guide to CEUs.

Note:If you do not pay certification annual fees and/or submit required CEUs, your designation will expire and you will no longer be considered in good standing.

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AFCPE® certification has given me a much broader financial education and has [provided] me more tools with which to help and teach others. Maintaining accreditation means my knowledge remains current.
Martha Hodnett, AFC®