Post Certification

Maintaining Your Designation

A viable certification program requires the certificant to keep abreast of developments in the subject matter and practice of the specialty. To that end, AFCPE requires its certificants to acquire appropriate continuing education units and to report these to the national office on a bi-annual basis.

In order to stay in good standing and use the designation, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Pay the annual certification fee (currently AFC = $50, CHC = $65) using the Certification Fee Payment Form, or download a printable application. Fees are due by January 3rd each year. $10 late fees will accrue starting Feb 1st and 30 days thereafter.
  2. Acquire the appropriate hours of Continuing Education Units during each reporting period (2012/2013, 2014/2015, 2016/2017, etc) and submit these hours for approval to AFCPE. Please read the Guide to CEUs for more detailed information regarding the CEU requirement for each designation.
  3. Keep proper records of your payments and CEU programs.
  4. If you do not pay certification annual fees and/or submit required CEUs, your designation will expire and you will no longer be considered in good standing.

View our Post Certification Process Training for more information!

The requirement to maintain your certification requires consistent training on relevant financial topics. This, in turn, keeps the quality of services provided to clients accurate and timely.
Shauna Lacey