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Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning (JFCP) connects financial educators, counselors, coaches, and planners to important scholarly research related to the financial decision making of individuals and families. The JFCP provides evidence-based ideas and information that enhance the skills of financial professionals to positively impact the financial wellbeing of individuals and families worldwide.

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The Expanding Impact and Reach of Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

Irene McIvor Mason, Amanda Izenstark, and Jing Jian Xiao

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Financial Executive Orientation, Information Source, and Financial Satisfaction of Young Adults

Yingxia Caoa and Jeanny Liu

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Work, Remuneration, and Negotiation for Pay in Early Adolescence: Exploring Early Causes of Gender Pay Inequity

Mélanie L. Saari, Eileen Wood, and Katherine Wood

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Combining Adult Education and Professional Development Best Practice to Improve Financial Education Teacher Training

Billy J. Hensley, Jesse B. Jurgenson, and Lisa-Anne Ferris

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Spending Behavior Change and Financial Distress During the Great Recession

Lekhnath Chalise and Sophia Anong

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A Brief Money Management Scale and Its Associations With Personality, Financial Health, and Hypothetical Debt Management

Masha Ksendzova, Grant E. Donnelly, and Ryan T. Howell

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Consumer Credit Behavior in the Digital Context: A Bibliometric Analysis and Literature Review

Hanna Carlsson, Stefan Larsson, Lupita Svensson, and Fredrik Åström

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Borrowing Decision of Households: An Examination of the Information Search Process

Lu Fan and Swarn Chatterjee

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Financial Software Use and Retirement Savings

Qianwen Bi, Michael Finke, and Sandra J. Huston

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The Impact of Financial Advice Certification on Investment Choices

Michael A. Guillemette and Jesse B. Jurgenson

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Stock Market Volatility and Changes in Financial Risk Tolerance During the Great Recession

Abed G. Rabbani, John E. Grable, Wookjae Heo, Liana Nobre, and Stephen Kuzniak

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Factors Associated With Financial Risk Tolerance Based on Proportional Odds Model: Evidence From Sweden

Manuchehr Irandoust

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