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#FridayFollow: Waking Up for Financial and Social Change

Financial Counseling, Financial Education

January 18, 2019

Having the AFC® designation means that I have a level of expertise that is recognized as the standard, which I can confidently use to back-up the services that I provide in my work with clients and organizations

Member Spotlight, Personal Finance, FridayFollow

#FridayFollow – Taking Action Through Trial and Error

Financial Counseling

November 02, 2018

Interview with Johnie Reed, AFC®

Personal Finance, FridayFollow

#Friday Follow: Disrupting Historical Patterns


October 26, 2018

Interview with Scott Henderson, AFC®, AFCPE® Member

#IamAFCPE, Personal Finance, FridayFollow

#FridayFollow - Finding Resource and Hope Through the Difficult Times

Financial Planning, #MyWhy

October 19, 2018

Interview with Laura Coleman, AFC®

Personal Finance, FridayFollow

#FridayFollow – The Power of the Work Within Us

August 31, 2018

Interview with Kyle Grevengoed, AFC®, and AFCPE® Member

Member Spotlight, Personal Finance, FridayFollow

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