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The AFCPE Blog is designed to provide new and insightful personal finance information for financial professionals – information that can be shared with both clients and consumers and provides new insights into education and practice.

Evaluate Yourself

Budget, Saving, Financial Education

May 02, 2017

The four questions that can lead them to financial freedom.

Financial Education

Living Out Your Why


April 28, 2017

Each and every day, AFCPE certified professionals are living their "why" - helping individuals and families achieve lasting financial wellbeing.

We Can All Change our Stars


April 27, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: My why is an opportunity to help others change their stars. For some that may mean finding an exit from generations of living at or near poverty. To others it may be ending a personal debt cycle or changing behaviors to stop living paycheck to paycheck and begin saving and building wealth. 

Breaking Cycles


April 26, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: What statistics didn't discuss were the ones who had a teen pregnancy and still accomplished their goals. I set out to prove the world wrong. I decided to continue my education and not stop learning until I made it.

An Early Teaching Experience


April 25, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: I was inspired to pursue my AFC® certification because of an early county teaching experience.

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