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Bridging the Gap between Money and Our Emotional Messages

Financial Education

November 09, 2017

When individuals seem to be facing the same financial challenges repeatedly, it’s a good bet that their behavior is actually fulfilling an important emotional need. By identifying the motivation and emotional payoffs for their seemingly irrational behavior, they can either work through those needs or use strategies to get their needs met in less financially demanding ways. 

Exhibitor Series, #BridgingtheGap

Happy Change-Making!

Financial Coaching

November 08, 2017

Financial coaches deserve the same level of support that they provide to their customers every day.

Exhibitor Series, #BridgingtheGap

Casting a Net Gain for Law Students

Financial Education

November 07, 2017

We’ve all heard the old adage: give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish, and he’ll never be hungry again. It was with that in mind that MAX by AccessLex® was designed, to be a sort of personal finance bait and tackle box, if you will. A first-of-its-kind comprehensive, innovative and effective financial education program created expressly for law students. With its in-depth curriculum and multi-faceted approach, MAX was built to drive the knowledge gain and behavior change essential to making sound financial decisions while in school — and in life.

Exhibitor Series, #BridgingtheGap

Bridging the Gap through Credit Building


November 06, 2017

A good credit history is crucial in today’s economy. Far more than just a number, a good credit score is a prerequisite for everyday financial services like a low-cost credit card, a bank account or car loan.

Exhibitor Series, #BridgingtheGap

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