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The AFCPE Blog is designed to provide new and insightful personal finance information for financial professionals – information that can be shared with both clients and consumers and provides new insights into education and practice.

This Work is My Life's Mission


April 04, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: It has become my life’s mission to help as many people as I can get back on track with their finances. 

How Plastic Window Insulation Brought Me to AFCPE


April 03, 2017

Financial Literacy Month Series: I made it my mission to learn about money management, opportunity costs, staying out of debt, protecting my assets and planning for the future. I read everything I could get my hands on and put what I learned into practice.

Important Initiatives & Top Tips: How AFC® Professionals Are Celebrating #ASW17


February 27, 2017

In support of America Saves / Military Saves Week, AFC® professionals and AFCPE® members share some of their top savings tips and what they have planned for this important week focused on savings!

Poor Credit History? There Are Ways to Recover


February 08, 2017

In an ideal world, everyone could afford to pay cash for all items. Until that day arrives, establishing and maintaining good credit is important, because often we need credit to purchase high-priced items such as houses, cars and furniture.

How Financial Counseling Professionals Can Help Millennials Save for Retirement

Credit, Retirement, Saving

January 27, 2017

Saving for retirement has always been a challenge, but it's harder than ever for many Americans today. One in three people have no retirement savings at all, and more than half of all adults have saved $10,000 or less.

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