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10 Financial Laws for Couples

Budget, Saving, Financial Education

January 06, 2016

Just as there are traffic laws to keep cars safe on the road and road signs for clear communication, there are also financial laws which, when followed, will keep financial and relationship...

Letter of Reflection

Symposium, General, Financial Education

December 22, 2015

Dear AFCPE Members and Stakeholders, As my Board Presidency draws to a close, I cannot help but reflect on the progress we have made as an organization. When I attended my very first conference as...

Timebanking: Serving More Clients Through Alternative Payment Options

General, Financial Education

December 17, 2015

The particular irony of working as a financial counselor is that we often come across people who have a critical need for our services, but cannot afford them (because they need financial...

The False Dream of Recruitment

General, Saving, Financial Education

December 15, 2015

Families with college aspirations for their kids are erroneously relying on the dream of sports scholarships instead of the challenging work of savings. The practice of saving is very tough.  A...

3 Tips to Help Teenagers Track Their Finances

Budget, General, Financial Education

December 08, 2015

Most parents desire their teenagers to be a wealth of financial savvy - saving crazily and spending wisely. However, the reality is that at this point in their lives, our teenagers may not hold the...

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