Certification Testimonials

Any certification process, has value not only for yourself but the clients you serve and additional knowledge can only improve your standing in your profession.
Louis Atteberry
The AFCPE has provided the certification and network for me to have a great career in financial education. This certification allows me to motivate and influence thousands each year, including training counselors how to help others. The AFCPE is exactly what I was looking for and feel very fortunate to be apart of this great organization.
Phillip Day
The certification process announces to clients that I have achieved a certain level of competance and that an independent body of professionals has found my abilities to meet the standards.
Jon Cook
Raises the standard of our profession by having an accedited certification.
Ed Olander
A primary value of the AFCPE Certification to me was to teach me as a Counselor not only how to help a person get out of debt,but also how to help that person help themselves by educating them, giving them useful financial tools,and helping them feel better about themselves and their ability to handle their finances and financial decisions in the future.
Joseph King
The AFC and CHC certifications increased my financial counseling and planning knowledge and skills. These courses are an investment in your future.
Barbara O'Neill
The accreditation of the AFCPE, as a national organization, has given me the positioning I need in my private practice to explain my training and how it relates to other financial professionals.
Susan Bross
AFCPE certification programs are a great way to advance your knowledge and provide you with the skills needed to become a great financial counselor.
Mitchia D. Tull-Cook
The AFC certification has given me the credibility I need in my work helping people get out of debt, plan their spending, and save for their future.
Jennifer Abel
The knowledged gained and utilized through the AFCPE certification program made my personal finances stronger and allowed me to expand my business and increase my income.
Ruth Huntley

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