Certified Housing Counselor

About the CHC Curriculum

AFCPE offers a three course, self-study curriculum to prepare individuals to take the CHC examinations.

  • Financial Counseling: examines the components of financial counseling including: counseling, budgeting, debt reduction, collection policies and practices, bankruptcy and government assistance programs.
  • Personal Finance: includes in-depth analyses of financial management principles and strategies. The course focuses on developing a full understanding of the mechanics and techniques of personal financial management including: budgeting, cash flow managements, and the basics of insurance, taxes, investments, retirement and estate planning.
  • Housing Principles and Practices: examines the residential housing market. Course content emphasizes the legal aspects of housing including: landlord/tenant issues, residential appraisals and issues influencing property values, real estate contracts, property rights and deeds, financing options, tax factors, the real estate industry, mortgage underwriting, secondary market transactions and public policy issues.

Course Requirements

The three courses are designed as self-study courses. Once an individual enrolls in the CHC curriculum and has paid the enrollment fee and tuition, the books and study materials are sent to the student. Upon successful completion of each course, the next set of course materials is mailed. The student studies at his or her own pace.

From the time of enrollment, AFCPE allows the enrollee 48 months in which to succesfully pass all three examinations and complete the other requirements for certification.


Each examination includes 100 multiple choice questions and takes approximately two hours to complete. A candidate must correctly answer a minimum of 70 questions to earn a passing grade on each examination.

Candidates may sit for examinations at the college (community or university) of their choice. An Examination Request Form is sent with each packet of course materials. Candidates must submit a completed request form to the AFCPE office 14 days before the preferred exam date. The AFCPE office will confirm with the student when the exam information has been forwarded to the college official for exam administration.

The AFC and CHC certifications increased my financial counseling and planning knowledge and skills. These courses are an investment in your future.
Barbara O'Neill

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