AFCPE and Sage Financial Solutions are thrilled to present standardized, comprehensive financial coach training programs. Sage Financial Solutions is a nationally recognized provider of financial capability programming designed to facilitate the financial well-being of underserved communities.

Financial Fitness Coach Program

The Financial Fitness Coach Program fully integrates counseling and coaching skills.  Upon completion, Financial Fitness Coaches will have the depth of knowledge and skills that allow them to meet clients wherever they are in their financial life, identify their financial goals, and collaborate with them to develop an action plan and appropriate steps to achieve those goals. Our approach presents the continuum of financial coaching and counseling used effectively to address a wide spectrum of financial issues, including but not limited to goal setting, money management, credit, debt and saving.

Financial Fitness Coach Training Details

The FFC training is an introduction to coaching concepts and skills that brings a coaching framework to your existing financial knowledge. This practicum-style course begins with an exploration of existing financial counseling skills and builds upon them to increase your effectiveness with clients. The training is highly interactive and experiential incorporating coaching demonstrations, group discussion and peer coaching practice. By the end of our course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how coaching fits into the financial capability continuum (education, counseling, coaching).
  • Understand the role of a financial coach in helping clients set goals and develop steps to achieve financial goals.
  • Understand coaching philosophy and principles and use coaching skills in client engagements.
  • Use the right technique (counseling or coaching), at the right time when working with clients.

Step 1: Financial Education Requirement

Completion of the FFC Program requires successful completion of the AFCPE Financial Counseling/Debt Management (FCDM) competencies and exam. This can be completed at any time during the FFC Certification Process, however, it is recommended that this step is completed first.

FCDM Competencies

Topics include principles of financial counseling, counseling skills, counseling outcomes, budgets and balance sheets, credit legislation, debt reduction methods, collection policies and practices, bankruptcy, mortgages, and other related issues. The course explores the financial counseling process and is designed to assist in developing sensitivity to financial counseling responsibilities by learning how to educate and advise clients effectively.


To schedule exams, contact AMP directly and request the “ACC exam” version: toll-free telephone or online at www.goAMP.com. Exams will be administered Monday – Friday and at least one Saturday per month) at any of the AMP Assessment Center Network locations geographically distributed throughout the United States and internationally.

Step 2: FFC Program Completion

To complete the FFC Program, candidates are required to complete the following components:

  • 30 hours of Financial Coach Training (Module 1) as follows:
    • 10 hours, web-based Financial Coach Training with Saundra Davis/Sage Financial Solutions (2x, 5-hour courses)
    • 20 hours, web-based Learning Labs designed to build on the coaching skills and techniques learned during the training (10x, 2-hour labs: 1 hour video, 1 hour live webinar)
  • 20 hours of Coaching Practice

Step 3: Oral Interview

Once candidates have completed the educational requirements, all learning labs and practice hours, a final interview is required with Saundra Davis/Sage Financial Solutions. Additionally, the candidate will complete and return the AFCPE Final Certification.

Step 4: Sign and adhere to the AFCPE Code of Ethics

Certificants commit to maintaining the designation through ongoing professional development and annual fees. At this time, Authorization to use the Certification Marks is granted.

Step 5: Certification Renewal

To continue using the certification marks, post-certification requirements must be fulfilled each reporting period. The total CEU requirement of 15/reporting period will not change for ACC Professionals. However, 5 of your CEUs must be focused on financial coach skills and concepts.

FFC Program Cost: $1,200 (or $699 for ACC or AFC® professionals in good standing)

Professional Development Credit: ACC or AFC Professionals are eligible to receive a one-time credit of 5 CEUs upon completion of the program.

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