Board of Directors

Robert Westrick

As a long tenured staff member at a Texas based non-profit, Robert Westrick has tackled a wide range of high impact assignments.  Among other tasks, he has managed its philanthropic service operations, administered its grants totaling in the millions of dollars, and helped ensure a portfolio worth billions complies with diverse regulatory schemes. In addition to this varied background, he has experience in law, public and private education, government, and business; before his current posting, his assorted employment included serving as international student advisor at a nearby community college, staff attorney in a Micronesian court system, legal editor for the state department of an “Asian tiger,” and executive director of a major test preparation company’s offices in Phoenix, Orlando, and Cleveland.

Robert’s formal education includes a B.S. from the Florida State University, a J.D. from the finest law school in Gainesville, Florida, and far more continuing legal education courses than anyone should have to endure. When he is not busy raising his three beautiful daughters with his lovely wife, Robert is an avid college football fan, lifelong reader and traveler.

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